“Indecision” by Michelle Garfinkel

TLDR: Start with books or online content to get some inexpensive guidance right away and find what resonates with you. Then carefully look for a healing practitioner (doesn’t have to be a therapist) that specializes in what works for you. Use their free content, website, and initial consultation to see if they might be a good fit. Don’t rely entirely on credentials and listen to your gut. You can go for group work or individual work, depending on what your budget allows.

Pretty much all of us could use some serious work dealing with our emotional baggage, the kind of…

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TLDR: Sex magic is a pattern of lovemaking that allows your desires to manifest in your lived reality.

It works in two ways. 1. By pairing sexual pleasure and your desire, you’re neurologically changing your brain. You’re priming your unconscious mind to seek out actions that will bring you closer to your goal. 2. By combining your powerful sexual energy with the energy of your dreams and broadcasting this cocktail into the energetic Web of Life. Because like attracts like, this energetic shift will call your dream to you.

It’s possible to make your dreams a reality without working yourself…

TLDR : Tantric blowjobs, like Tantric sex, is way more about the worshipful intention you bring than the specific technique you use. Recognize yourself or your partner as an embodiment of the Universe and let that guide you.

Blowjobs can be way more than just sucking a cock.

On a mundane level, they can communicate deep appreciation and love to a partner with a penis. On a spiritual level, they can connect you deeply with the punchy, “masculine”, aspects of the Universe, like passion, action, and power.

(I firmly believe that qualities traditionally associated with the word “masculine”, such as…

I wrote this post a week or two ago for the website 1000 Sex Tips.

TLDR: It’s easy for you to internalize sex positivity and turn it into pressure to have dramatically awesome sex all the time no matter how stressed and exhausted you are. It puts insane pressure on couples and can turn a special night into a dreaded chore.

Sex positivity is a wonderful, amazing societal turn we’re taking. Free love, sex shops, and sites like this are absolutely fabulous. …

TLDR: Using the Buddhist meditation Tonglen really helps take the edge off of the awful feelings stirred up by the news.

In general, keeping up with current events is EXHAUSTING. It seems like the headlines get worse every year. Most of us go through periods of just giving up and putting our heads in the sand (I know I do).

This problem becomes exacerbated the more spiritual work/personal development you do. As you remove blockages, shift, and grow, you naturally become more compassionate. In general that’s a good thing.

However, it makes reading the news EXCRUCIATING. Stuff you were numb…

This was written during the 3rd week (or 4th? Time is weird during a lockdown) of my self-isolation. However, the techniques presented are useful anytime life gets rocky!

I’ve been on a crazy emotional rollercoaster the past few weeks.

Sometimes I’m racked with despair for the world, filled with grief and sadness at all we are losing and have lost. From the heaviness of the death of a beloved to the relatively petty but still very real disappointment of canceled plans, the amount of loss is breathtaking.

Sometimes I’m filled with rage at the response or lack thereof of my…

It breaks my heart to see the world.

As far as our rational, scientific, logical, productive, technological, industrial, machine-like mentality has brought us as far as quality of life, I see a massive lack in our sense of meaning, connection, and purpose.

As we unravel so many mysteries around us through the scientific process, through photography and media, through a critical gaze, we are also destroying a beautiful, magical quality that can make life delightful.

What’s missing is g*d.

No, not the man in the sky that cries when you masturbate.

No, not the man in the sky that gives…

Let’s face it. Sometimes just the idea of sex is terrifying. There can be so much pressure to perform, to get hard and stay hard, to orgasm, to squirt, that all the fun gets sapped out of it.

Bodies can be so unpredictable! You’re going along and it feels good… it feels good… and then… nothing. You go limp. You dry up. You just hang-out in the plateau of pleasure-but-not-orgasm until you fade back to normal, trying to convince yourself you’re still sexy. It’s definitely not pleasant.

If this happens frequently enough, it can start a vicious cycle where you…

Michelle Garfinkel

I help people rediscover awe and wonder through sexual and spiritual healing. Find resources and more at michellegarfinkel.com.

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