It breaks my heart to see the world.

As far as our rational, scientific, logical, productive, technological, industrial, machine-like mentality has brought us as far as quality of life, I see a massive lack in our sense of meaning, connection, and purpose.

As we unravel so many mysteries around us through the scientific process, through photography and media, through a critical gaze, we are also destroying a beautiful, magical quality that can make life delightful.

What’s missing is g*d.

No, not the man in the sky that cries when you masturbate.

No, not the man in the sky that gives you ten things you absolutely must do and then whines about not having enough money.

No, not the man that was tortured to death for saying we should be nice to people.I’m talking about that mysterious Other, the energy within and without all things. The essence of life that connects us all so deeply. The essence that has no gender and is every gender, that is profoundly human and deeply separate from us.

The thing that is so profoundly bigger, greater, and different than us and simultaneously fills every cell of our being and every thought in our mind. The personality-less essence that turns destiny in such clever ways that we can laugh at its jokes.

There are so many ways to talk about g*d and yet at the end of the sermon all words fall short. As many monks have known, the most profound way to talk about g*d is with silence.

This essence, this mystery, brings such a profound sense of awe, wonder, beauty, love, safety, fear, anger, sadness, delight, and comfort to my life. Through it, the meaningfulness of my every thought is obvious. The sacredness of every breath taken by every human around me is obvious.

And it breaks my heart to see bad theology take something so wonderful, so perfect, so terrifying, so awe-inspiring and warp it into something as small and dismissable as a superstitious clinging to an angry/loving man in the sky.

It breaks my heart to see my generation turn away from this in droves, to see places of worship close, to be surrounded by only grey hair in the pews, to be mocked by my peers for daring to care about something I cannot physically see or measure.

There are so many ways to understand and experience this Great Mystery. And not a single experience means that you’re not smart, that you’re not rational, that you’re insane.

All of these point to something greater inside of yourself. Through praise, worship, and prayer, you are really calling on the highest and greatest aspects inside of yourself to come to the forefront. You are strengthening your sense of awe, and wonder.

And isn’t that a beautiful way to go about the world?

I help people rediscover awe and wonder through sexual and spiritual healing. Find resources and more at

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